​​ Kelly's earliest experiences in production were as a performer throughout middle school and high school.  An accomplished vocalist and actress to this day, Kelly had leading roles in musicals for a decade before walking away on top to start her family after a star turn as Marty Marashino in Grease in college. 
​​ Kelly has five children who were the center of her life through their growing years.  While the children were in their elementary grades, in addition to keeping her family prim, proper, and punctual, Kelly began leading the children's choir at St Bernard's church in her hometown of Newton, MA in a volunteer role.  When her oldest was a junior in high school, Kelly took another volunteer role, chairing the post-prom celebration at Newton North High school.  The was a role she held for eight years, with each year's event being bigger than the last, and Kelly consistently excelled at having the project done on time and within budget. 
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Finally, when Kelly's youngest child was in high school, Kelly began to get back in to work part time. Still maintaining her primary priority of "being there" for the children, Kelly worked for several years as a stylist assistant and prop stylist.  This experience became the foundation for her understanding of what goes in to the successful execution of a video or print production.
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